Fly In for Your Keratoconus Procedure in Los Angeles

Out Of Town Eye Patients – Complimentary Record / Photo Review

In our practice 58% of Keratoconus patients travel from out of town (including out of state and out of the country). If you are interested, Dr. Brian can provide a complimentary record review prior to you scheduling an appointment at the institute. This will not only help to determine initial candidacy but also provide you with an estimate of pricing to help you prepare financially for the trip.

How to Contact Keratoconus Specialist

A records review (for vision correction or Keratoconus procedures) is easy and the first step to improving your life. Here’s how to submit them to Dr. Brian:

  1. Request a copy of your most recent eye exam from your doctor – be sure they include your manifest refraction (prescription) with best corrected vision.
  2. Request a copy of your most recent cornea map (topography).
  3. Write a brief cover sheet explaining your current vision and situation.
  4. Include on the cover sheet the best phone number and e-mail to contact you.

Scan & E-mail
Sending By Mail
Boxer Wachler Vision Institute
ATTN: Records Review
465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 902
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Scheduling Your Visit

eye care patient counselorWhen you decide to join the thousands of patients who have already benefited from our treatments, your patient counselor will assist you to schedule a convenient time to meet with Dr Brian and receive these advanced treatments. Your patient counselor will coordinate a review of your records and then personally contact you to discuss Dr. Brian’s preliminary recommendations.

When you are ready, your patient counselor will help you schedule a visit for your exam, treatment, and follow-up exam, all within the same three-day visit. Appointments can typically be scheduled in as little as 6-8 weeks – sometimes sooner. Your patient counselor will discuss the fees for the various treatments and the most common payment options, including Care Credit easy payment plans. During your appointment, as part of our commitment to help you improve your life, Dr. Brian will show you how you can get the most benefit out of treatment. Your patient counselor can also help coordinate with your local follow-up doctor. Your patient counselor will virtually be with you every step of the way, by your side, from your initial contact with the office through the return home for your follow-up care.

10 reasons for out of town keratoconus treatment
“Flying to Beverly Hills for Keratoconus Treatments?”

No doubt, there might be a doctor near you who can try to treat you. Other eye surgeons are starting to do cross-linking procedures (but not Intacs, CK or EVO Visian ICL) because of lower insurance payments. That’s why 25-30 people per month fly or drive here for the easy 2-day trip because they want to be treated by Dr. Brian, the pioneering doctor who INVENTED these procedures and has the longest track record in the world in performing them.

Those who want the best for their precious eyes come out here. And it’s more affordable than you think (with low monthly payments and ZERO percent interest).

Olympic gold at the medal ceremony
Steven (right) and his teammates after winning Olympic gold at the medal ceremony.

Additionally, with Holcomb C3-R®, you know you are receiving “the real thing” that was invented by Dr. Brian, the authority on modern cross-linking.

Some people who wish the best for you may say, “Why would you go out to Beverly Hills?” We both know they are trying to help, but they don’t have the facts of how Keratoconus is adversely affecting your life. They have no idea what it’s like to ‘live with your eyes’. They also don’t know that “all cross-linking is NOT created equal.”

So when people’s friends or family ask them, “Why are you thinking of going to Beverly Hills for your treatment?” They typically respond by saying, “I owe it to myself to have the BEST and I want to go to the BEST doctor in the world! I want to finally do something for myself”. Simply put, that’s the reason good people like yourself come to us from all over the world.

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I was fortunate to be a producer alongside Emmy-nominated documentary filmmakers who fell in love with Steven’s story and made this film honoring the greatest U.S. bobsledder of all time as told first-hand through Steven’s most powerful interview ever. HOLKY won many awards at film festivals including London Independent Film Awards, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, and Palm Springs Shorts. It was a semi-finalist in many festivals around the world. Enjoy!