Our Team – Keratoconus Treatment in Los Angeles

Ron – Director of Patient Experiences


“Patients travel domestically/internationally to visit our office in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s our pleasure to welcome them and make them feel right at home. That said, we have been enjoying various bonds that have formed into friendships with our patients over the years. Receiving text messages & “Thank You” cards from them is a common characteristic to inform us that they are extremely pleased with their visit and more importantly, the results received from Dr. Brian! It’s an absolute joy to see the smiles on their faces upon departure!”

–  Ron

Jon – Director Of Operations

Jon Medlin – Surgery Technician

“I believe that exceptional patient health care is built on a foundation of inclusion, trust and compassion. contributes to the fulfillment of the need for affiliation and support between you and your clinician.

–  Jon

Carlos – Lead Technician

Carlos Aguirre – Lead Technician

“I like to inspire hope by providing the best care to every patient through compassionate education & support, to reduce the burden on you & your family during these times of uncertainty.”

–  Carlos

Rosario – Patient Coordinator


“Providing the best care for our patients is important by acknowledging their unique situations and being able to educate patients and their families all while providing compassionate and high quality care.”


Zulene – Technician


“I am proud to be a part of an extraordinary team that is driven by a desire to make a difference in the lives of our patients who travel far/wide to receive the care that they need. It makes my job, as clinical technician, more complete to see them extremely happy about the procedure(s) received.”

–  Zulene

Jen – Patient Coordinator Manager

Jen Powis – Patient Liaison

“My philosophy for patient care is that patients should never be treated like they are just another number. Our patients see how much we care about them and take time to listen to how they feel. We’re not just here to help improve their eyesight, but to act as a guide and emotional support system so that they feel comfortable throughout the process that will change their overall quality of life.”

–  Jen