1-Step Visian ICL™ To Treat High NearSightedness

Are You Frustrated with Blurred Vision When you Take Off Your Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Is there a BIG IMBALANCE between the vision in each eye?

Would you like to have BETTER VISION without your contacts and glasses?

Would you like even BETTER VISION with your contacts and glasses?

If you answered YES, then 1-Step Visian ICL™ for your Keratoconus may be the next step to make life better and easier for you.

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Insertable lenses are one of the most exciting new breakthroughs in the field of Keratoconus treatment.  After 25 years of study in Europe, the 1-Step Visian ICL™ is FDA approved in the United States to treat nearsightedness prescriptions AND Astigmatism. If you have Keratoconus AND nearsightedness, then the 1-Step Visian ICL™ may improve your life even MORE after your Keratoconus treatments.


THE PROBLEM:  After having your Keratoconus treated or if you already had a cornea transplant, there may still be HIGH DEGREES OF NEARSIGHTEDNESS.  This can cause very blurry vision when you take off your contacts or glasses. When you have a lot of nearsightedness in one OR both eyes, it can also cause problems with glasses and contact lenses and hold back your best vision. 

Many people who are candidates for the 1-Step Visian ICL™ love their improved vision. It can amplify the life changing experience from earlier Keratoconus treatments.


The 1-Step Visian ICL™ is an insertable lens that treats high amounts of nearsightedness – this can DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR VISION.  If you had Intacs earlier, then you already have an idea what it is like to have the 1-Step Visian ICL™ inserted – typically easier than getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist! (The Intacs aren’t removed; they stay in place since they are helping your Keratoconus).  The 1-Step Visian ICL™ is elegantly placed by Dr. Brian just behind your iris.

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Dr. Brian performs 1-Step Visian ICL™ for Keratoconus in 10 to 15 minutes, which is typically painless, in our specialized procedure room for 1-Step Visian ICL™ IN OUR COMFORTABLE OFFICE.  With his technique, you WON’T have to go to a cold surgery center.  Your vision is typically  improved in 24 hours. .

In many patients suffering from a high prescription and Keratoconus, the 1-Step Visian ICL™ can help reduce the need for contacts and glasses and provide more functional vision day to day..  In other people, the 1-Step Visian ICL™ can IMPROVE the vision with contacts and glasses.  It just depends on your individual Keratoconus and Dr. Brian can explain what you can expect based on your Keratoconus

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That’s the reason people love to simply send their records for Dr. Brian to review (more about that below) and he can determine if you are a candidate and what the expectations should be based on YOUR Keratoconus.  As you can see, there is no “cookie cutter” approach when 1-Step Visian ICL™ with Keratoconus is done properly.  It MUST be customized based on your individual Kerataconus status of EACH eye.

To learn whether you are a candidate for either 1-Step Visian ICL™ please click here to schedule a consultation or arrange to have your records reviewed by Dr. Brian.  Call us at (310) 860-1900 or email info@boxerwachler.com.

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Patients come to us from all over the United States and often from other countries. Please click below to listen to patients share in their own words how the process was for them and the ways their lives have been changed.

A Young Girl with Keratoconus Has 1-Step Visian ICL™ to Restore Her Life



1-Step Visian ICL™ Benefits

Quality of Vision
The 1-Step Visian ICL™ offers HIGH QUALITY OF VISION compared to glasses for many patients with Keratoconus. Two unique factors help explain this superior optical performance. First, the 1-Step Visian ICL™ is made of Collamer – a soft, flexible lens material that contains a small amount of collagen – making the lens extremely biocompatible for a lifetime of clear vision. Second, the lens is placed inside of the eye, where it continues to focus light more efficiently than glasses – NO  maintenance is required.


The 1-Step Visian ICL™ is inserted into the eye through a small, micro incision. The lens unfolds in the eye and is positioned between the iris and the natural lens and you won’t feel it just like you don’t feel a dental filling for a cavity. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and is typically painless with a 1 day recovery.

Advanced Lens Material

Collamer lens material transmits light and reduces reflections that can interfere with vision to enhance vision. Collamer is the only lens material made with collagen – a top choice for a lens that designed to remain inside your body.  We have never seen any rejection or other type of reaction the 1-Step Visian ICL™ from the body.


If necessary, it can be removed from the eye.

Invisible and Undetectable

You won’t be able to see the 1-Step Visian ICL™ in your eye because it’s crystal clear and typically neither will anybody else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly where is 1-Step Visian ICL™ placed in the eye?

1-Step Visian ICL™ is placed in the “posterior chamber,” hidden behind the iris and in front of the eye’s natural lens.

What is the track record of 1-Step Visian ICL™ ?

Extensive research and development preceded the introduction of 1-Step Visian ICL™ . It is now being used by more than 50,000 patients over 25 years world-wide.

What if your vision changes?

1-Step Visian ICL™ offers treatment flexibility. If your vision changes dramatically, the lens can be removed and replaced, or another procedure can be performed at any time. With 1-Step Visian ICL™ , you can wear glasses or contact lenses if necessary.

What is involved in the 1-Step Visian ICL™ procedure?

The actual 1-Step Visian ICL™ procedure typically takes approximately 10 minutes and Dr. Brian invented the 1-Step Visian ICL™ IN OFFICE procedure to make you comfortableThis avoids you going to an impersonal, inefficient, and cold surgery center.. Normally, very little discomfort is associated with this procedure. A light topical or local anesthetic is administered and a mild sedative may be given. Eye drops or oral medication may be prescribed. You will come back the next day for a follow-up visit.

Why is Dr. Brian the authority on 1-Step Visian ICL™ for Keratoconus?


1) Treating both eyes at the same time vs return weeks later for second eye treatment,

2) 1-Step Visian ICL™ being performed in a comfortable office environment vs. cold, impersonal surgery center,

3)  Entire 1-Step Visian ICL™ being done same day vs other surgeons who must perform it as a 2- PART PROCEDURE with a painful laser to make a hole in the iris 1 week before the Visian ICL™ procedure is done (that means TWO separate procedures to have the Visian ICL™ ).

Other surgeons may “dabble” with Visian ICL™ for Keratoconus.  No, not Dr. Brian.  He has committed most of his illustrious 20-year career to help good people like you with Keratoconus.  By now, you already know he is a “World Keratoconus Authority” because of his VAST experience, ability to innovate when other doctors don’t care about helping people with Keratoconus, AND his ability to CUSTOMIZE treatments to optimize vision and YOUR LIFE.  The most important part that you just read is this:  HE CARES ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE LIKE YOU WITH KERATOCONUS.

Dr. Brian was selected by Starr Surgical, a public company that makes the Visian ICL™, to develop an exclusive 10-part webinar series to train other ophthalmologists.  Even afterwards, few doctors were able to incorporate all of Dr. Brian’s training pearls.

Why do People Fly to Beverly Hills for 1-Step Visian ICL™ with Dr. Brian?

It requires special expertise and tremendous experience to do 1-Step Visian ICL™ well in patients who have had Keratoconus treatments such as Intacs and CK.  From surgical planning to proper lens selection to the surgical technique to appropriate expectation setting, you can be confident you are in expert hands. Dr. Brian has a MASSIVE DEGREE OF EXPERIENCE performing 1-Step Visian ICL™ in people who had Keratoconus treatments.  He is a TRUSTED AUTHORITY by people who routinely fly in from all over United States and the world for his life-changing 1-Step Visian ICL™ treatment for their Keratoconus.

Can the 1-Step Visian ICL™ dry out or get dirty like a contact lens?

No. Patients who get dry eyes from traditional contact lenses may be ideally suited for 1-Step Visian ICL™ since this lens cannot be felt. 1-Step Visian ICL™ can avoid problems experienced with traditional contact lenses. It is designed to remain in place inside your eye, without maintenance. If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, that’s not a problem. A routine, annual visit with your eye doctor is recommended to make sure everything is fine.  If live in Los Angeles, then Dr. Brian can check you annually.

How long does 1-Step Visian ICL™ stay in my eye?
The Visian ICL is intended to remain in place in the eye without maintenance.

Can 1-Step Visian ICL™ be seen by the naked eye?

No. The lens is positioned behind the iris where it is invisible to both you and others. You enjoy a cosmetic appearance that is natural. Only an eye doctor can see the 1-Step Visian ICL™ .

Can 1-Step Visian ICL™ be felt once it is in place?

It’s like having a dental filling for a cavity.  Technically you have in implant in your tooth, but you don’t feel it.

Will Glasses or Contact Lenses Be Needed Afterwards?

The answer depends on the degree of your Keratoconus and prescription strength. After meeting with Dr. Brian or having a record review by him, you will be advised on realistic expectations after 1-Step Visian ICL™ . The expectations range from better vision from likely not needing any correction lenses or perhaps  to use weaker powered glasses or contact lenses and have better in them. Dr. Brian can advise you on that.

To discover all 1-Step Visian ICL™ can offer, click here to schedule an exam.

For more information about 1-Step Visian ICL™ – or to schedule a 1-Step Visian ICL™ Keratoconus consultation appointment with Dr. Brian to see how it can improve your life:

Call: 310.860.1900 or 310.916.9915
Email: info@boxerwachler.com

Many out-of-town patients would like Dr. Brian to review their medical records and make a preliminary determination of candidacy for 1-Step Visian ICL™ for Keratoconus. This is useful before planning a trip to Los Angeles.

These are the 3-EASY steps:

  • Along with your last 2 or 3 eye exams, please be sure to include a color copy of your corneal mapping. Color corneal mapping is an important tool, along with your exam history, to determine your candidacy. The last 2 years of your total eye history will be used to make this preliminary determination.
  • Inside the envelope, please be sure to include a cover sheet with your name address, phone number and email address and the words, “1-Step Visian ICL™ Records Review,” so that we may optimize communication with you.
  • Enclose with your letter a copy of your records.

Mail to:  Boxer Wachler Vision Institute

ATTN: Keratoconus 1-Step Visian ICL™ Review
465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 902
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dr. Brian will contact you to discuss the review.

Important Note: A favorable record review does not guarantee candidacy. Final candidacy is made after he personally evaluates each patient.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is a prominent Keratoconus specialist who has helped many patients save their vision with advanced keratoconus treatments such as corneal cross linking. For more information about Keratoconus causes and keratoconus signs, please visit the respective pages or contact Dr. Brian to arrange your consultation.

Keratoconus is the thinning and bulging of the cornea. Treatments include Intacs®, Holcomb C3-R® cornea collagen cross linking, and if Keratoconus progresses to a serious level, corneal transplantation. Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is a specialist in Keratoconus evaluation and treatment. Please read the pages of this website to learn more about Keratoconus treatments, Keratoconus causes and Keratoconus symptoms, as well as the various treatment options.



Many out-of-town patients would like Dr. Brian to do a complimentary review of their medical records and make a preliminary determination of candidacy. This is useful before planning a trip to Beverly Hills.

Some people’s friends ask them, “Why are you thinking of travelling to Beverly Hills for your eye procedure?” They typically answer with, “I deserve the BEST and I want to go to the BEST doctor!”

These are the three easy steps for your complimentary chart review with Dr. Brian:

  • Along with your last 2 or 3 eye exams, please be sure to include a color copy of your corneal mapping. Color corneal mapping is a very important tool, along with your exam history, to determine your candidacy. The last 2 years of your total eye history will be used to make this preliminary determination.
  • Inside the envelope, please be sure to include a cover sheet with your name address, phone number and email address and the words, “Keratoconus Record Review”, so that we may optimize communication with you.
  • Enclose with your letter a copy of your records.

Mail to:

Boxer Wachler Vision Institute
Keratoconus Record Review
465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 902
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Or you can scan your records and email them to info@boxerwachler.com.