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This page is dedicated to Dr. Boxer Wachler reviews from a wide variety of patients from all walks of life, from all over the world who have had Keratoconus procedures by Dr. Boxer Wachler. We aim to provide vision improvement with the utmost attention to detail and maximize safety for every patient we treat.

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Tommy Pham, Baseball Player, St. Louis Cardinals
Dr. Brian and the Holcomb C3-R® procedure make you feel very comfortable knowing your eyes will be stable from Keratoconus.

Click here to read about his Comeback After Holcomb C3-R®.

Bill Tupy, Huntsville, TX
Pre-op exam was very good. The procedures went well. My eyes felt fine one day after the procedure.

Chand Kalia, Financial Clerk, Tampa, FL
The staff was very friendly and kind. They all went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The procedure was quick and painless. The Dr. Brian was superb.

William Smoot, MD, Physician, Montana
I can’t to begin to explain how very pleased I am with the results of my Intacs® procedure for keratoconus. After having worn hard contacts since age 12, it’s a real joy to wear soft contacts. I appreciate the care I have received very much. Thanks for the help.

Matt Shura, Firefighter/Paramedic, Gilbert, AZ
I feel very lucky to have found and taken part in these new and exciting treatments for keratoconus. The treatments were quick with minimal discomfort. The very next day my vision in my left eye was clear beyond my expectations with Intacs®. In addition, the staff was very nice and professional.

Ryan Sieler, Pilot, Burlington, KY
Dr. Boxer Wachler and his staff were not only professional, but also very friendly which made the entire process very stress-free and pleasurable.

Tom Bender, Dentist, Atlanta, GA
The staff was wonderful, well-trained, and professional. Dr. Boxer Wachler himself was clearly very knowledgeable. He also truly and personally cared about your needs and concerns.

Juan Ramirez, Real Estate Investor, Des Moines, IA
Because of the skillful hands and staff of Dr. Boxer Wachler, I will be able to live my visual life to the fullest. My family and I thank you!

Jeff Kuczynski, South Amboy, NJ
Thank you for everything that you’ve done. It is simply incredible that somebody with keratoconus who suffered as much as I did, can now see 20/30 with no correction! Thanks again!

Rolando Carpio, Pilot, Lakewood, CA
The staff at the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute treated me excellent! I am happy recommending family or friends here.

Sammy Hofer, Student, Fort Worth, TX
It is awesome to be given hope when at first you were given none. Our experience with you has been excellent.

Silvia Meza, Los Angeles, CA
I thank God and Dr. Boxer Wachler for the miracle of recovering my sight.

Al Amore, Police Officer, Canton Country, CA
Exceptional staff, extremely helpful, caring and patient.

Wendell Sechler, Regional Manager, Littleton, CO
Every doctor in Denver had said I would wear contacts until I needed a cornea transplant due to keratoconus after Lasik. Dr. Boxer Wachler has allowed that eye to be functional again.

Laura Hawkins, Computer Technician, Bartow, FL
The staff is kind, helpful, and very professional. Nothing was ever out of place. This was a pleasant visit. The support staff is incredible. The details are taken seriously by everyone. I have post trauma syndrome [from something else] and they were able to keep me from being afraid of anything. They took care of me as if I were a favorite aunt. I am so happy. I have vision that I never expected to have again. This has so far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I have a new life.

Paul Blinder, Student, Los Angeles, CA
Had a great experience her. You get what you pay for. Dr. Boxer Wachler has magic hands.

Kevin Kunkel, Vice President-Sprint, Laguna Beach, CA
I had very good feelings from the first appointment through and after surgery. I always felt like I was in the best of hands with Dr. Boxer Wachler and his team.

Gina Carver, Chamber of Commerce Coordinator, Houghton, MI
I was really nervous coming out from out of state, but the doctor and his staff were absolutely wonderful. I am already seeing much better. Words simply can’t express enough nice things about Dr. Boxer Wachler and his staff!!!

David Knab, Auditor, New Providence, NJ
Of course it is overwhelming to have any procedure performed on your eye. Dr. Boxer Wachler and staff worked diligently to ensure a safe, relaxed, and stress-free environment for my procedure. The only thing better than the secure environment provided by the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute, was Dr. Boxer Wachler’s technical skill and expertise. His skills would appear to be unmatched!!

Alexei Stolbunov, Works with computers, Chicago, IL
My experience was great from the beginning until today. Doctors and staff were very professional and kind.

Tommy Cheung, Pre-Sales Consultant, Singapore
I have been under the care of Dr. Boxer Wachler for over six years. He and his dedicated team have time and again proved that they are on the cutting edge of keratoconus treatment. Thanks!!!

Judy Sieg, Teacher, Berlin, MD
After 5 years of seeing numerous doctors without any answers, I finally found answers. Dr. Boxer Wachler and his staff were incredible. They look at vision holistically and have provided me with the gift of better vision. Thank you for everything.

Richard Gwynn, Aircraft Mechanic, Logan, UT
Excellent care by Drs. Boxer Wachler and all the staff! All the staff and nurses/technicians were “top-rate”! I experienced only a slight “pricking” during the procedure.

Kay Kisser, Secretary/Music Teacher and Singer, Jacksonville FL
This has been by far the most pleasant experience in a doctor’s office. Everyone was very kind, helpful, and went out of their way to make me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Janet S., Legal Secretary/Motivational Speaker, Encino CA
I have had vision problems for more than 30 years. I have had a corneal transplant in one eye; the other had glasses and contact lenses until Dr. Boxer Wachler performed the Intacs® procedure. Then I was able to see again. I actually can read street signs and I can see the mountains, I can see the facial features of passers by. For the first time in my adult life I have clear vision and it’s only been 20 hours since my procedure! G-d bless Dr. Boxer Wachler and his entire staff for their compassionate encouragement, and most of all for the gift of sight.

Paul Beatty, Special Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler is very professional, and I felt very safe in his hands. He obviously cares a great deal about his patients.

Jeff Fueston, Director, Bellflower, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler and staff were terrific, exceeding my expectations. I went Dr. Boxer Wachler as a second opinion on Intacs® and decided to stay with him rather than original doctor.

Sid Hawes, Pilot, Shafter, CA
As a pilot, I was extremely worried about being able to keep my vision at FAA standards. Dr. Boxer Wachler has allowed me to continue not only my dream, but my passion of being a pilot.

Ken Hoffman, Custom Fabricator, Simi Valley, CA
After nearly 20 years of compounding restrictions to my life as a result of continuing degradation of my vision – I CAN SEE AGAIN! I am truly shocked at just how easy the surgery was, and just how much of the world I had been missing. Thank you!

Beth Soto, Paralegal, Riverside, CA
I have had over a dozen procedures done to a damaged eye in the past ten years, with four different doctors. I never have had anything even close to the care and comfort or personal “hands on” care I’ve had here. The doctor and staff are much appreciated!

Yong Jiang, Actuary, Omaha, NE
I had wonderful treatment. The experience has been great.

William MacDuffee, Fire Fighter, Santa Barbara, CA
I felt in good hands. The staff was excellent and I can not stress the TLC I felt from everyone. Dr. Boxer Wachler was professional and cares.

Craig Baumgartner, Insurance Agent, Pasco, WA
The results have been amazing! Although the “recovery pain” was a little bit surprising, my status after 1 day makes this feel like a great success! The staff has been fantastic too!!!

Jason Elliot, Fund Manager, Woody Creek, CO
Everyone was excellent before, during and after surgery. All questions answered fully, never rushed.

Jonna Robinson, High School Teacher, Orange, CA
Procedure went smoothly-just sleepy afterwards.

Cathy Bonanni, Actress, West Hollywood, CA
Everything went great. No soreness today at all.

Adam Sacks, Attorney, Calabasa, CA
I was really scared of surgery, but your office really was full of kind and decent people. It went well and overall was a good experience!

Mike Nolan, Student, Torrance, CA
The procedure was so fast. The doctor and staff were great. Thanks!

Richard, Office Manager
Extremely professional staff. Remarkable results after procedure. Very little discomfort and after 3 hours of sleep, no discomfort at all!

Stephen Astor, Attorney, Glendale, CA
The attitude and attentiveness of entire staff is excellent.

Janet Moore, Computer Services, Springboro, OH
Very easy procedure. Great patient and follow-up care. Best hope I’ve had for normal vision in 15 years.

Skye Cowan, Healthcare Technology Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
I realized how much I have been missing. On the drive in to my post-op I could see 3 blocks away. The procedure was easier than putting my hard contacts in. Thanks!

Josh Olsen, Carpenter, Los Angeles, CA
The team were is absolutely great. Everyone is competent and makes the experience go as smoothly as possible. Thanks for a great procedure.

Aide Henriquez, Homemaker, Downey, CA
Service was outstanding from secretary to doctors.

Alan Rose, Landscape Designer, Olympia, WA
Great care. Everyone was helpful and kind.

S. G., Norwalk, CA
Aside from having to wait anxiously for far longer than expected for the surgery, everything was fine.

Joshua Gilliam, Real Estate Sales, Cerritos, CA
I am pleased with the progress to this point. I had very little discomfort, if any. I already notice an increase in the vision with 1 day.

Ivan Cabrera, Engineer, Calexico, CA
My experience here was perfect. The doctors and people here were very nice. I’m sure I will be recommending Dr. Boxer Wachler to others. After having the procedure, my life has changed.

Abraham Bejarano, Pastor, Pico Rivera, CA
The experience was excellent from beginning to the end. The staff was very friendly, making each procedure comfortable at the same time. You know you’re in one of the best hands of doctors in the world.

Alexandra Bodnar, Attorney, Manhattan Beach, CA
The staff was really professional as well as friendly. Dr. Boxer Wachler was great.

Scott Beeson, Lab Technician, Palouse, WA
Everyone that works here is kind and professional. The experience was pleasant.

Fernando Campos, Aircraft Technician, Van Nuys, CA
Dr. Boxer Wachler and his staff were great. I was overwhelmed by their professionalism and kindness.

Bryson Newby, Student, San Bernardino, CA
I was treated very well.

Murat Hamzaoglu, Civil Engineer, New Providence, NJ
The procedure went easy. Dr. Boxer Wachler and his team were great. Hopefully, I will get my left eye back. The results are amazing. Thank you all.

Michael Augustyn, Sales, Mission Viejo, CA
The staff was caring and professional, and the procedure went smoothly.

Stacey Carrell, Sioux City, IA
I had a wonderful experience! My expectations were exceeded. The staff was very professional, highly educated and caring staff.

Linda Mahler, Sales Assistant, Calabasas, CA
I have never been treated so professionally and cared for so completely. Everyone should be so cared for by professionals.

Emilio Plaza, Customer Service, Port Hueneme, CA
The entire staff was extremely helpful, understanding and genuinely concerned. They helped make the procedure go very smoothly.

Karen Melick, Computer Systems Manager, Santa Monica, CA
I really liked Dr. Boxer Wachler’s interactions with me. He’s very personable and knows his field.

Ricky Thompson, Student, French Gulch, CA
The staff was very nice made me feel comfortable and gave me lots of hope. I wouldn’t trust anybody with my eyes as much as Dr. Boxer Wachler!

Martha Padilla, Student, Westlake Village, CA
The staff made me feel comfortable, especially Cornealius!! Thanks for everything.

Siripong Charoenwutthikij, Marketing Manager
Everybody was nice and friendly. The process of the surgery was fast, professional, and comfortable. Although I am still in a recovery process, I’m happy and satisfied with the present results. Thank you!

Kyriakou Charalambos, Student
Everything was much better than I could possibly expect. Although I got a bit anxious the day before because of the possible risks that I read, I finally decided that I was in good hands. The procedure, you, and your staff were remarkable.

Douglas Crandall, Attorney, Boise, ID
Painless procedure-excellent results. The staff was very kind and competent.

Ken Marzocchi, Pharmacist, Redding, CA
I was apprehensive about having the surgery. The doctor and staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and confident. Best of all – I can see again! Thank you.

Vicki Lynch, Teacher, Bakersfield, CA
The procedure went very well. Everyone is professional, yet friendly and concerned about the patients’ well-being. All steps are thoroughly explained-a real plus when you are nervous.

Khalid Mahmud, Quality Systems Engineer, San Jose, CA
The staff was very courteous and professional. I appreciate the dedication and support I received from Dr. Boxer Wachler and his entire team, both pre-op and post-op.

Darren Eyers, Developer, Freshbrook Swindon, UK
Everything is good so far! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, it wasn’t that bad, a little scratchy, but easily bearable.

Ashley Lamb, Patient Services Representative, Brentwood, TN
Thank you all of you for the amazing job you’ve performed for me. I am now able to see perfectly without glasses or contacts. I can’t stress how thankful I am. Before the surgery I feared the thought of eventually losing my sight and needing transplants, but now I have a whole new lookout on life and my future.

Nathan Yu, Student, Alhambra, CA
The procedure itself was smooth and complication free. There was little apprehension as everything was explained. The care I was given was great. The expected irritation of the eye was minor and controllable.

Ted Coletti, Oncology Analyst, Denville, NJ
It is the only procedure out there that offered me and my family the hope of arresting or slowing the development of my keratoconus.

Patricia Walker, Registered Nurse
Dr. Boxer Wachler and all the people who assisted me were fabulous. I have experienced top notch professionalism and am very grateful! Thanks Dr. Boxer Wachler and staff!

Nuzhat Koch, Customer Service, Newark, CA
My experience at the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute has been great. The staff is wonderful and very understanding. Dr. Boxer Wachler is very patient, kind, and gave me enough time to make my decisions.

Francisco Ramirez, Attorney, Grand Terrace, CA
I would like to thank you and your staff for your kind assistance and support during my Intacs® procedure. I was very afraid, but with your staff’s understanding I was able to withstand the minor pain and now I live a much normal life than before.

Jennifer, Day Care Provider
Dr. Boxer Wachler was so kind and nice during my procedure. He made me feel calm and relaxed through his kind works and touch.

Margaret Puccio, Veterinarian, Dix Hills, NY
Very professional and accommodating. Was able to diagnose my condition and explain it to me and what can be done to help.

Manuel G., Jr, Driver, Exeter
Great job everyone. Thank you very much.

Debbie O., Real Estate Manager, Brandywine, MD
Everyone here has been so nice and helpful. Dr. Boxer Wachler has a wonderful “chair-side manner” and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. My keratoconus is very far progressed and he was very honest with what the outcome of the surgery would be for my case.

Janet M., Computer Sciences, Dayton, OH
Very easy procedure. Great patient care and follow-up. Best hope for normal vision in 15 years.

William S., MD, Billings, Montana
Dr. Boxer Wachler, I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the result of my Intacs® for keratoconus. I see well with my left eye and now that I have been fitted with a soft contact lens for my other eye, it is essentially 20/20. I have worn hard/RGP contact lenses. It is a real joy to wear a soft contact lens.

Lourdes F., Teacher, Naples, Italy
Thanks for the professional service!

Jeffrey W., Sales, Japan
I had the procedure and the next day was able to see everything I’ve been missing. Quick, painless procedure.

Maurillo V., Firefighter, Lancaster
Receptionist, assistants, doctors have all been great. Thanks!

David B., Professor, Pullman WA
Level of comfort during the procedure and post procedure was fine.

Jose B., Forensic Architect, Engineer, Sun City West, Arizona
Dr. Boxer Wachler made the surgery procedure very understandable and comfortable. The care of the patient by staff is wonderful and meaningful.

Ben C., Police Office/Detective, Reedley
I found that staff to be great. They explained everything that was going to occur in this procedure, before, during (important), and after.

Ivaylo M., Accountant Analyst, Holland, Michigan
I am very pleased with the quality and care I received all along. The whole staff have been very supportive and comforting.


Many out-of-town patients would like Dr. Brian to do a complimentary review of their medical records and make a preliminary determination of candidacy. This is useful before planning a trip to Beverly Hills.

Some people’s friends ask them, “Why are you thinking of travelling to Beverly Hills for your eye procedure?” They typically answer with, “I deserve the BEST and I want to go to the BEST doctor!”

These are the three easy steps for your complimentary chart review with Dr. Brian:

  • Along with your last 2 or 3 eye exams, please be sure to include a color copy of your corneal mapping. Color corneal mapping is a very important tool, along with your exam history, to determine your candidacy. The last 2 years of your total eye history will be used to make this preliminary determination.
  • Inside the envelope, please be sure to include a cover sheet with your name address, phone number and email address and the words, “Keratoconus Record Review”, so that we may optimize communication with you.
  • Enclose with your letter a copy of your records.

Mail to:

Boxer Wachler Vision Institute
Keratoconus Record Review
465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 902
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Or you can scan your records and email them to