Intacs Vision Adjustment in Los Angeles

If you have had Intacs® and are interested in further options to improve your vision, Dr. Brian is happy to help. As the most experienced keratoconus expert in the world, he routinely evaluates patients who have had Intacs® placed elsewhere. Further vision improvement is possible through Intacs® adjustments, removal/explant of the upper Intac segment, Holcomb C3-R® also known as corneal cross-linking, to stabilize keratoconus, and conductive keratoplasty to improve astigmatism.

Reduction In Vision After Intacs®

If you have experienced a reduction in the quality of your vision after Intacs®, it may be due to the location of the segments, sizes used or the number of segments placed. Planning Intacs® treatment for patients is based on the individual eye measurements for each patient. Dr. Brian can evaluate and help patients who have not achieved satisfactory results from previous Intacs® placements.

Out-of-Town Patients

If you live out of town, that’s not a problem. I am are happy to help by providing a complimentary record review prior to you scheduling an appointment.

When you contact us, you will receive your own personal keratoconus counselor to assist you with this process. Your keratoconus counselor will coordinate a review of your records with me. Then your keratoconus counselor will personally contact you to discuss my preliminary recommendations. Then when you are ready, your keratoconus counselor will help you schedule a visit for the exam, treatment, and follow-up exam all within the same easy 3-day visit.

Your keratoconus counselor can also help coordinate your local follow-up doctor. Think of your keratoconus counselor as virtually being with you every step of the way, by your side, from your initial contact with the office through the return home for your follow-up care.

How to Contact Keratoconus Specialist

Here’s how to submit your records for me to review.

  1. Request a copy of your most recent eye exam from your eye doctor – be sure they include your manifest refraction (prescription) with best corrected vision.
  2. Request a copy of your most recent color cornea mapping (topography), along with your last 2 or 3 eye exams.
  3. Write a brief cover letter explaining your current vision and situation.
  4. Include on the cover letter the title “Keratoconus Record Review” as well as the best phone number and e-mail to contact you.
  5. Scan and e-mail to:

Mail to: Boxer Wachler Vision Institute Keratoconus Record Review

465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 902 Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Or you can scan your records and email them to