3 Reasons Why You Should Get Holcomb C3-R® Procedure

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Keratoconus, you are not alone. Keratoconus now occurs 1 in 500 people. Most doctors suggest the only treatment is a painful cornea transplant. But the Holcomb C3-R® is a non- invasive procedure that uses a more natural approach to improve your vision.
Below are the top 3 reasons why Holcomb C3-R® is the best option for you.holcomb-c3r-icon

1) Non-Invasive procedure

The Holcomb C3-R® is a non-invasive procedure that causes no pain. Because it is a non-invasive procedure, the recovery time is low. Most people return to normal activities the next day.

2) Can be combined with other procedures

The Holcomb C3-R® can be done on the same day as other procedures. With patients that have Keratoconus the Holcomb C3-R® procedure has been used in combination with INTACS, and CK to improve the patients quality of vision. The procedures can be done the same day and recovery time is not extended due to multiple procedures.

3) Natural Vitamins Used

The Holcomb C3-R® procedure uses a vitamin called Riboflavin. This is a vitamin already produced by your body to improve your overall vision. The Riboflavin strengthens your cornea over the course of 4-16 weeks.

Did You Know…

The Holcomb C3-R® has a success rate of 99.3% after 13 years while treating thousands of patients from all over the world. In addition, it has significantly improved the overall vision of patients with Keratoconus. If you are struggling with Keratoconus please call our office at (310) 860-1900 or email us at info@boxerwachler.com.