Top 3 Reasons to Improve Your Eye Sight Before Your Next Sporting Event

Are you an avid athlete and it seems your timing is getting a bit off? This is a common problem when it comes to vision and it may be an easy fix for those with a desire to keep playing. Getting regular exams can help diagnose vision problems before they get out of hand. Improving something as small as a slight nearsightedness can improve your game immensely. Injury to the eye is one of the most common sports-related accidents in the US.

Why? It’s simple! When playing hockey for example, you need to see the puck coming before it gets too close. If you have even a slight problem with nearsightedness you may not see it until it’s too late. There are several treatment options that can give you sharper vision without keeping you off the ice for too long.

Below are 3 more reasons you should visit your eye care professional before your next game:


One of the more commonly under- and mis-diagnosed eye conditions is Keratoconus. Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that causes blurry vision, worsening night vision, and even glares/halos. It is important to have your eyes examined if you have a family history are seeing symptoms of Keratoconus. Due to the progressive nature of this disease, early diagnosis and treatment is key!


This is a common condition that can cause difficulty because you can’t see the ball, puck, or player quickly enough for you to react. This can put you at major risk for trauma to the eyes or other parts of the body. Imagine you are playing soccer and your teammate tries to pass you the ball – if you can’t react quickly enough, there is a large chance you will miss the play.

As the vision worsens, so does the danger of being injured. It can be treated easily now with advanced technology and improved treatments for vision correction.


When playing sports it is important to have good reflexes and excellent peripheral vision. When you have astigmatism your peripheral vision is impaired and can cause you to have unnecessary injury.

These accidents can cause damage to the cornea, detached retinas, and even immediate loss of vision after impact. It is important to get treated for any vision correction especially if you are an athlete before you next game! Watch Matthew’s story by clicking the image below – his dreams of transitioning from an amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighter to a professional came one step closer after his PRK vision correction surgery with Dr. Brian.