Advancing Technology With SynergEyes Contact Lenses

Understanding the ClearKone ®

For many with vision problems finding the right contact lens with less irritation and a clearer view can be challenging. For those who have been using Contact lenses for years understand this dilemma. However there is a vision correction treatment that works, and can assist you with a clearer more precise view as well as increased comfort. Too good to be true?

Many others thought so as well but SynergEyes understands your concerns and after trying the new FDA approved vision correction contact lenses you will not only see the difference your eyes will feel the difference too.

In 2001 SynergEyes developed several hybrid lenses to assist with vision correction including contact lenses that assist with the treatment of Keratoconus. In 2006 SynergEyes ® KC was FDA Approved as a treatment for Keratoconus.

SynergEyes ® KC fit those with:

  • Oval Cones

  • Highly Advanced Central Cones

  • De-centered Cones

  • Globus Keratoconus & Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

For those of us who are looking for an improvement in clarity, or a crisper picture SynergEye Hybrid Contact Lenses can reach to the occasion. If you are simply looking for a more comfortable way to treat your vision correction SynergEye Hybrid Contact Lenses are for you. And if you just want less fuss in your morning, avoiding the maintenance of two separate kinds of contact lenses (Soft lens and RGP’s) then SynergEye Hybrid Contact Lenses can do just that. SynergEye Contact Lenses are available in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and United Kingdom spanning over 5,000 + retailers. Find one in your location today.

Learn more about Keratoconus & Contact Lenses visit:

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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