Am I At Risk For Keratoconus?

keratoconus eye

Keratoconus occurs in 1 in 500 people.  Studies suggest that the weakening of the eyes corneal tissue may be caused by the imbalance of enzymes in the cornea which causes the cornea to bulge into a football shape instead of its natural rounded shape.  Keratoconus is also said to be linked with overexposure of  ultraviolet sun rays, eye rubbing and poorly fitted contact lenses. Other studies suggest that keratoconus  is linked with hereditary predispositions as either a dominant or recessive trait. If you are having keratoconus symptoms it is important to review your families eye history. Below are some symptoms  to help you detect the early stages of Keratoconus.

  • Constant Squinting
  • Discomfort of the eyes
  • Frequent changes in Prescriptions
  • Sensitivity to glare & halos
  • Ghosting
  • Double Vision
  • Frequent eye rubbing