Living With Keratoconus: Coping With Vision Loss

When dealing with Keratoconus we have had to often deal with some vision loss over time, however new advancements in Keratoconus have made it possible to regain vision over time. The use of various treatments and combination of some treatments can improve your vision greatly. In the mean while there are some things you can do to improve your ability to see throughout the day.

There are several treatments for Keratoconus but many struggle with handling the progression until they can get to the doctor or start their treatments. Below you will find 3 helpful tips to assist you with dealing with the loss of vision while waiting for treatments for Keratoconus.

Tips to Improve Your Vision During the Day:

Getting Rest: While this may sound a bit strange, resting your eyes a little more each day can help relieve some of the strain they are feeling. This can give you a fresh view, and may keep some of the blurred vision to a minimum.

Avoid eye strain: If you are having difficultly seeing, don’t strain your eyes to see. Simply rest and only use your vision when needed. Resting your eyes can help you gain strength for when your vision is truly needed.

Avoid driving at night: Many people struggle with increased problems concerning night vision. It is wise to avoid driving at night all together until you can improve your quality of vision through treatments for Keratoconus. Making sure you are safe is top priority. Getting to the eye doctor and planning a path to treatment is the greatest option after all the car will still be there later.

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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