Living with Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a serous and frustrating disease. Many are fearful when diagnosed and worry about the loss of sight associated with keratoconus. The truth is there are many procedures and treatments in modern medicine that can help control the progression of this disease. We often see the discouragement on the faces of those suffering; finding a doctor who can communicate easily with you as well as specializes in keratoconus can help you better adjust.

Though many people await a cure there are several ways you can be helped now. Aside from the medical problems of keratoconus, we often face difficulty personally as well as in our family lives. Many find it hard to do some activities. As the disease progresses and becomes more evident it is harder and harder to continue in our social circles. The search for answers becomes clearer and seemingly harder to find. The truth is a specialized doctor is best for these situations. A doctor specializing in Keratoconus can give you more definite and truthful answers.

There are several resources that you can find to assist you with support and information. Contacting a local ophthalmologist will give you more information. It will also provide options for treatment you can choose from. Below are a few links to support groups available to assist patients, family, and friends with people diagnosed with keratoconus:

KC Support- Gives assistance to patients with keratoconus

American Keratoconus Association – Provides assistance, information, and events for those suffering from keratoconus.

The Global Keratoconus Foundation- Provides support for families, friends, and patients with Keratoconus.

New studies are proving that C3-R has benefits for those who suffer from Keratoconus. The procedure C3-R will help build and strengthen the cornea of the eye. It will help not only strengthen but it has also stopped the progression of Keratoconus in many patients.

The diagnosis of Keratoconus doesn’t mean you life is over. It doesn’t even mean your alone. There are several places you can get help and treatments to help slow and even stop the progression of this disease. Though there is not a cure yet…there definitely is hope!

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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