Our Eyes and How Keratoconus Affects Them

The Cornea-

The cornea contains a clear dome which lies on the surface of your cornea. It is the most important part of the eye known as the focusing lens. The cornea must be smooth and well shaped to give your eye good focus. Keratoconus gives the lens a irregular shape and over time makes it difficult to focus.

Though in many people the possibility of developing Keratoconus is present from birth. The ratio is only 1/2000 born. Others can develop this over time. The progression of Keratoconus is frustrating to say the least. And many people start out with mild impaired vision. Usually needing to wear glasses or contacts. The progression of Keratoconus can be slow developing over 3 to 4 decades. Glasses often won’t be enough and many times there is one eye worse then the other.

Keratoconus Vision Loses:

The loss of vision on a keratoconus patient can happen in one of the following two ways:

Form 1: Distortion in the Cornea-

Have you ever looked through a camera with a distorted lens? I am sure you were not able to see all you wanted. Keratoconus is much the same way. The images you are getting back are distorted. The focus you have on the images are blurred and seem out of focus.

Form 2: Scarring of the Cornea-

The cornea is scarred or swollen this makes the images show up blurry and foggy in view. Have you ever looked through a windshield that was foggy in certain parts but not in others? Not a pleasant experience. This form the over all picture is blurred.

Keratoconus is a large part of vision problems in the overall vision care field. Determining if you have Keratoconus is done by a series of tests. There is help for those with keratoconus. Though there is no cure there are some things you can do to stop progression and improve your overall quality of vision.

Many patients with Keratoconus are frustrated by the difficulty of seeing in everyday activities such as driving.

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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