True Testimonials: Seeing Through the Haze~ Meet Catherine Bally

Catherine has struggled for many years with the deterioration of her vision. As most Keratoconus patients do she has had a number of different corrective eye wear including Hard contacts which are many times difficult to handle creating irritation to the eyes, pain and discomfort – to having soft contacts that still don’t provide her with adequate vision.

Catherine started wearing the Hard contacts as a teen has suffered still with the problems of vision disturbances. Her Keratoconus had created a haze over things she saw making it difficult to see clear enough to make turns and walk down and up stairways while walking. Sometimes getting help with walking from her teenage children.

Catherine has gone to several ophthalmologists over the years. Receiving the same answer “We don’t know how to improve your vision.” Some requested she get a cornea transplant that even see considered but doctors were hesitant to perform. Recently Catherine did a search on treatments for Keratoconus and found Dr. Boxer Wachler.

She discovered that there were treatments that could help her with her severe nearsightedness and progressive Keratoconus. She immediately had an evaluation. Dr. Boxer Wachler performed 3 Treatments on Catherine’s eyes giving her remarkable results. In just 24 hours she stated:


“For the first time in my life ever I can see things Clear”

Catherine is walking down the stairs without fear of falling, bending corners, and has the freedom of living a normal life again. Although see still wears glasses Catherine is very grateful for the procedures she received and to Dr. Boxer Wachler who gave her what see always dreamed…vision.

The procedures performed on Catherine where Intacs, C3-R®, and CK. These procedures can stop the progression of Keratoconus and help reverse the damage of Keratoconus on the eyes. Catherine had severe damage to her eyes so she still will need corrective lenses but her vision has improved drastically. The procedure affects each patient differently depending on the severity of the Keratoconus.

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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