What Type Of Contact Lens Should I Wear For Keratoconus?

girl putting on contact lensContact lenses for Keratoconus patients come in many different designs. Here at our Beverly Hills office, we create the best design possible ensuring comfort, vision and eye health. There are six different options for contact lenses.

HydraKone, KeraSoft, FlexLens or Soft KC Toric Lenses– These soft lenses supply improved comfort and is an ideal  lens for patients with mild to moderate Keratoconus.

Custom Piggy Back Contact Lens System– This lens system involves wearing two lenses on one eye. The soft lens protects the cornea, while allowing it to hold the RGP lens in place.

Synergeyes-This lens is a highly oxygen permeable rigid material, while the outer skirt is a soft lens. This requires only a single lens to be inserted, and has successfully fit over 90% of patients.

Rose K2 IC– This lense has been one of the longest and most commonly used Keratoconus RGP lense.

Intra-Limbal Dyna-Z-  This lens design is based on the topography. The comfort level is excellent due to larger diameter.

Scleral Lenses- These RGP lenses are very comfortable because they do not sit on the cornea, but rest on the eyes white portion. Inserting these lenses may be a little difficult.

The newest len is called the Eye Print Pro lens which increases comfort, enhances vision and decreases red areas.

Eye Print Pro  is  designed to align over the individual eye allowing a 360 degree view and 26 inches around the eye. The mold then undergoes 3D scanning and is used to make an exact match to the other eye. Eye Print Pro is as unique as a finger print.


While contact lenses can improve vision, they do NOT stop your Keratoconus from getting worse and losing more vision.  That’s the reason we recommend the non-invasive Holcomb C3-R procedure to strengthen and stabilize your Keratoconus.  Please call our office for more information at 310-860-1900 or click here.