6 Tips: How To Maintain Good Eye Health For Keratoconus Contact Lens Wearers

contact lens

1. If you drop don’t drag

If a lens is dropped avoid dragging it along a surface, instead wet your finger with solution and gently touch the lens to lift it.

2. Clean your lens nightly

After removing your lens from your eyes leave them soaking in solution until the morning. Soaking your lens overnight increases the effectiveness of disinfecting chemicals.

3. Never mix and match solutions

You should always use the same care system for disinfecting, soaking and rewetting your lens. Mixing different types of solutions can cause clouding of the lens, leading to eye irritation.

4. Replace your case

Cases become contaminated over time, each time you buy a new solution you should also be replacing your case. Another option would be cleaning the case with a toothbrush and cleaner.

5. If your lenses dry out, soak them

 If you leave your lenses out, soak them for at least 4 hours before you re- wear them.

6. Removing lenses with a suction cup

Suction cups need to be cleansed with contact solution before and after each use. Remember to know where the lens is before inserting the suction cup on your eye.