Daily Life: Dealing With Headaches as a Symptom of Keratoconus

There are many symptoms of Keratoconus. Managing the symptoms can be just as hard as dealing with the complications of the disease itself. One of the harder and more progressive symptoms of Keratoconus is headaches. While proper management of headaches can help you over the course of time, finding a way to cope with them can be even more challenging.

There are many reasons you may be having increased headaches including:

  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Eye Strain- as your vision decreases
  • Dry eyes
  • Decreased Night Vision

The increase of headaches can affect your daily activities. This can hinder you in the present as well as the future as the condition progresses. Finding an effective way to improve your symptoms can help you in the long run.

Coping With Headaches:

Many of us experience headaches regularly. For those who have a tendency to get migraines, or sinus headaches dealing with the pain is one of the first things we think about, however preventative measures are more effective.

Below are some preventative strategies that may help you manage your headaches as your Keratoconus progresses.

The use of UV protected eye wear:

Wearing sunglasses in the summer seems normal, but the effectiveness of wearing UV sunglasses throughout the year is great. They not only protect your eyes from further damage from the sun but also shields your light sensitive eyes as your Keratoconus progresses. They also keep you from straining in the light throughout the day.

Eye drops & Other Over the Counter Remedies:

Some relief can be found in artificial tears, and over the counter eye drops, however these are merely temporary relief and unless used daily they don’t offer you effective preventative remedies. Many people get headaches from straining of the eyes, or dry eyes and getting to the core of the cause of your headaches can give you more benefit that merely covering it up.

Relaxation & Meditation as a Preventative Measure:

Stress is a big trigger for many types of headaches. Many people with progressive conditions such as Keratoconus have a hard time coping with things changing in their lives and feel the stress. Learning to use some relaxation techniques such as palming can help you cope with your daily challenges in turn preventing future headaches one day at a time.


Palming can assist you in relaxation throughout the day, relieving stress and preventing your headaches. Palming is a relaxation tool used at various intervals throughout the day. When you are in a quite private location, simply lay flat on the floor and place the palms of your hands across your eyes. Do this for intervals of 10-15 minutes throughout the day.

Eye Strain:

One of the most common of headaches is eye strain, often a result of changing prescription. This is the frustration facing those with Keratoconus, constant changing prescription. The most improtant remedy is Homcomb C3-R ® (cornea collage crosslinking). The Holcomb C3-R ® procedure helps stabilize the cornea and stop the ever changing glasses prescription.

You can learn more about Keratocons treatments here: http://www.AMKCA.org

Other information about eye strain can be found here http://www.medicinenet.com/eye_strain/article.htm

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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