Coping With a Diagnosis of Keratoconus and Finding Treatment

Do you have a family member who is currently or has suffered with Keratoconus? Have you seen the progression of this condition and traditional treatment options for it? If you have said yes to these questions you probably have your own ideas on how its treatment will go. But did you know that treatment options for Keratoconus have changed considerably within the last decade? Did you know that Corneal Transplants, one of the most common treatments for the condition are rarely used anymore? Now treatments like glasses, contact lenses, INACS (cornea inserts), the Holcomb C3-R ® (cornea collage crosslinking) and many other options are available.

Today’s Treatment Options

Over the past decade many new treatments have been developed for Keratoconus patients. These new treatments have improved outcomes, help slow the progression, and in some cases reverse some of the damage of the condition.

The use of eye glasses: The use of eye glasses has been a treatment option for those with Keratoconus and many other condition for years. This treatment is generally used in the very early stages of Keratoconus. Other options are sought once the condition progresses.

Gas Permeable Lenses:

Another traditional treatment for Keratoconus is GP or Gas Permeable lenses. These are often hard contact lenses that require little maintenance. At this stage soft contacts can often be used as well in the treatment of Keratoconus. This type of contact lens is used when other treatments are no longer working. They can provide you with better quality of vision in your treatment plan. Talk it over with your eye care professional to find out what stage you are at in your treatment. Some brands of soft contact lenses that are particularly good for Keratoconus patients are KeraSoft Lenses, and NovaKone. In addition to the soft contact lenses, hard or Hybrid lenses like ClearKone ®, or Rose K are also used to improve the clarity of the patients’ visual experience.

The Holcomb C3-R ® or Corneal Cross-linking With Riboflavin: This is a relatively new treatment often used to improve the vision of those suffering with Keratoconus by using a more natural approach. The eyes are exposed to UV lights and a Vitamin rich solution called Riboflavin that heals, and strengthens the eyes from inside. The vitamins strengthen the fibers within the cornea over time and improve the overall vision of the patient. This treatment can also potentially reverse some of the damage done to the cornea over time. It is both effective and requires little recovery time.

To learn more about new treatments for Keratoconus you can visit

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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