Keratoconus: A Progressive Non-Inflammatory Disorder

There are many conditions that can affect the eye. Many people are afflicted with near-sightedness or far-sightedness. Still others might receive a diagnosis of astigmatism. These are all common conditions that can be treated with a soft contact lens or glasses. There are other conditions, however, that can cause further complications for the eye.

Keratoconus is one such condition. This is a degenerative disorder that causes the cornea to thin, which results in the cornea bulging into a cone shape. Keratoconus can affect the eye, making it more sensitive to light while also distorting a person’s vision and visual acuity. The vision problems associated with this disorder can be corrected initially with glasses or soft contact lenses; however as this degenerative condition advances, other treatment options are required.

An ophthalmologist can diagnose a person with keratoconus. The eye doctor will run different tests in order to find a problem and diagnosis it. It is important that the patient mention any changes in vision, especially if the symptoms are similar to the symptoms associated with keratoconus.

Once an ophthalmologist has diagnosed a patient with keratoconus, different treatment options will be considered. Depending on the progression of the condition, an ophthalmologist might recommend a lens such as contacts or intacs. If the condition has progressed far enough, a corneal transplant might be needed. Another treatment option is a method called collagen cross-linking. An ophthalmologist that specializes in keratoconus will best be able to choose the most effective treatment for the patient.


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For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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