New Treatments Available for Your Keratoconus

For those who are new diagnosed there are several new treatments available for Keratoconus. In the past there were few treatments and as your condition progressed the main treatment was having a corneal transplant. This procedure had a harder recovery and longer pain time. Now there are several additional Keratoconus treatments that offer less pain and a much lower recovery time.

Holcomb C3-R ®

This treatment was developed within the 1990’s and perfected in 2003 by Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler it has provided great improvements in the way Keratoconus is treated. For those with Keratoconus the Holcomb C3-R ® provides you with a simple no pain procedure that takes around 30 minutes to perform. This procedure stabilizes the condition and preserves vision.


There is a special vitamin called Riboflavin that is used in each eye being treated. This vitamin helps strengthen the cornea fibers over time. The drops are placed in the eye and a UV light is used to activate the drops. Then the patient is placed under the lights for about 30 minutes. This signals the vitamins to help the cornea fibers strengthen.

After procedure-

There is little feeling and the stabilization of vision is seen within weeks to months of the procedure. Over time the vitamin strengthen the corneal fibers allowing the patients vision to remain stable. As the fibers are strengthened the form of the cornea is sometimes restored to a flatter shape.

This procedure can also be combined with other eye procedures to improve the overall vision of the patient.


Natural way to improve vision

Generally only on procedure is needed

Stabilizes vision over time

No pain

Shorter Recovery Time

Can be done in combination with other treatments

Hybrid Contact Lenses:

The hybrid contact lenses are a combination between RGP (or Rigid Gas Permable) lenses and Soft contact lenses. Often Keratoconus patients need RGP lenses (rigid gas perm/hard contacts) to help provide the sharpest and clearest vision. RGP lenses are seen by many patients harsher than normal soft contact lenses and RGP contacts are often uncomfortable for patients with Keratoconus. New technologies have allowed us to create new lenses that have the comfort of soft lenses around the edges and still have the benefit of RGP lenses.

Clear Kone lenses allow you to reduce the amount of dirt that gets under the lenses. And have a more specific contact for those who have Keratoconus. They allow you to wear them longer and keep the comfort of normal lenses.. In addition these lenses can be used for a longer time and many stages of Keratoconus.


Last through more stages

More comfort

Can be worn all day

Reduce debris that get under lenses

Have all advantages of RGP’s and comfort of soft lenses

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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