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Understanding Your Diagnosis of Keratoconus

New Technologies in the treatments of Keratoconus are changing what it means to get the diagnosis. As with all conditions you can get nervous when you hear it, but long gone are the older harsher treatments of Keratoconus and loss of vision is typically now a thing of the past. With the new treatments of Keratoconus they have been able to slow and even stop some progressions of the condition without getting a corneal transplant.

Now this doesn’t mean to stop visiting the doctor, or not to set up any treatment plans. It simply means that the treatment options that are available to you now are more effective and less invasive than before. This means treatment options reduces the risk of needing a corneal transplant in the end. If the condition goes without treatment it can cause significant loss of vision, so finding a doctor that is experienced in Keratoconus is important. This will help preserve your quality of vision and your life.

Does this mean you can get the cure? No this simply means there is hope that you can have a better quality of vision despite what those websites, articles, doctors, or anyone else say. The truth is the key to a better quality of vision is early detection, monitoring, and treatment assessment. Know what it is you are truly up against before you go head on into the pack. After all it is your vision and your responsibility to ensure it lasts.

For more information visit AllAboutVision.com.

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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