What You Should Know About Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus is a progressive condition that can severely change the patient’s quality of vision over time. As with many conditions if it is caught early it can be maintained giving the patient a well improved quality of vision improving the overall vision and reducing the symptoms. Generally the condition progresses slowly but if you have other underlined conditions it can progress at a more aggressive rate.

In the past there was only one main treatment for Keratoconus other than eye glasses, or contact lenses which was a painful and invasive corneal transplant. Over the past decade or more technology has improved the treatments for Keratoconus including treatments like INTACS, Holcomb C3-R ® (cornea collagen crosslinking), and even CK. These treatments alone or combine can improve the patients overall vision, and in some cases they have been known to stop the progress of the condition or even reverse the damage done by Keratoconus.

Holcomb C3-R ® Crosslinking System:

The Holcomb C3-R ® is a treatment which is making incredible progress in the treatments for patients with Keratoconus. Keratoconus is a progressive condition that damages the cornea or the outer lens of the eye causing it to go from a dome shape to cone shape, distorting the vision. Holcomb C3-R ® strengthens the corneal fibers allowing the cornea to stop the progressive cone shape from developing further. This helps preserve vision by stopping the devastating vision loss that comes from the progressive cone shape caused by Keratoconus.

The Holcomb C3-R ® is a method that is non-invasive and only takes about 30 minutes to perform, often done right in the doctor’s office. It requires a special light called a UV light and a special solution applied to the eye. The UV light activates the special solution which over 4-16 weeks continues to improve and strengthen of the corneal.

The Holcomb C3-R ® can be done at the same time as other procedures improving the patient’s quality of vision even more. Compatible procedures include INTACS, CK, and the Visian ICL.

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD is a renowned eye surgeon specializing in Keratoconus treatments, and other procedures.

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For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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