How Scleral Contact Lenses Can Help Your Keratoconus

For those who have Keratoconus you may already know how difficult and uncomfortable it maybe to wear Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses. But this is often a way of life for those suffering with Keratoconus. And you may know all too well it can be a big part of your treatment of Keratoconus. But now the Scleral Contact lens can make it a bit more bearable.

Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that creates an irregular shape in the cornea of the eye. As it progresses the irregularity progresses and creates a cone shape causing distortions in vision. The Scleral Contact lens sits on the white of the eye or the Scleral and helps reduce some of that irregularity. In addition, since it doesn’t rest on the cornea patients notice improved comfort and increased wear time.


Scleral lenses rest on the edge of the sclera or the white area of the eye. Unlike most Gas permeable contact lenses providing more comfort for the patient since they don’t touch the cornea.

The Scleral lens helps those with hard to fit eyes including those with Keratoconus. The lenses fill around the edges with fluid and moisten the eyes of those with dry eye giving them more comfort than normal rigid gas permeable lenses.

They are also larger than most lenses providing the support the eye needs, and not provoking the movement of the lens during blinks.

Scleral contact lenses come in many types. They provide comfort among many other benefits for those suffering with Keratoconus. Take the time to review your options before deciding your overall treatment. Over the last decade there have been many new and advanced technologies. The options are out there, just be sure to look!

For more information about keratoconus visit the American Keratoconus Association

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